The Lublin Apple brand comes from the picturesque and spotless natural areas of the Lublin region cherishing its centuries-old fruit growing traditions.
Lublin Apple boasts a rich taste and nutritional values. These values come from careful cultivation methodologies, based on profound expertise and many years of experience in fruit keeping. Making consumers’ health and satisfaction its first consideration, LubApple makes every effort to deliver only the best quality fruit to your table.  Lublin Apple is a source of vitamins and minerals indispensable for keeping the proper shape and level of nutrition. They also abound in dietary fibre that adjusts the digestive functions and helps keep a slender physique.
Lublin Apple comprises six main cultivars: among them even the most demanding consumer will find just the perfect fruit for themselves. Every day, Lublin Apple is the fruit of first choice for both children and adults who seek healthy and top-quality food.


A middle to large-size apple. It can be distinguished by a yellow and green skin with a carmine-orange blush. The juicy pulp is of creamy and lemon colour; its prominent, sweet, and slightly sour taste makes it an excellent ingredient of cakes and desserts.

This variety is a medium-size, smooth and shiny. The fruit is covered with an intense, light-red blush. The pulp is creamy and compact. It is ideal for consumers who are keen on a sourer taste. IDARED goes with pies and desserts perfectly.

One of the most popular varieties in the world with a slightly shiny, golden and yellow skin. The pulp is juicy and with an intense aroma. They taste delicious both eaten raw and as an ingredient of many dishes and desserts.

An apple with a slightly conical shape. Its smooth skin attracts attention because of its bright, marbled and orange blush. It is extremely delicious both eaten raw and as an ingredient of desserts, preserves, etc.

This variety can be distinguished by its spherical and conical shape. Its appetizing appearance is largely attributed to the smooth, shiny skin usually exhibiting an intense maroon blush. The pulp is firmly compact, fine-grained and creamy and yellowish in colour. Consumers appreciate the taste value of this variety and its long shelf life; it is popular as an ingredient of juice, compote, cakes, and desserts.

The apple is a medium-size fruit with a smooth, slightly greased skin covered with
a dark red blush. Its pulp is yellowish, juicy and aromatic with a sweet and sour taste.  It makes a great snack at work, at school, or in the middle of a trip. It is also fit for any processing and preserves.